3 Paranormal Stories: Rockton Cemetery, Bloods Point, Elgin High School

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Below are a few local paranormal stories that were sent to us.
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#1 At the beginning of April, I had the thought it’d be fun to drive past bloods point cemetery and bridge with my friend. I didn’t know which direction each thing was so I turned down the road and kept driving. I started to hear a thumping noise only to find out I got a flat tire. By the time I pulled over, I was directly across from the cemetery. I immediately called triple a to come out and help. As we were waiting my radio went completely static. And then after about 20 minutes of sitting with my blinkers on, my car died. Which seemed super fast but I’m no expert on cars so I’m thinking something paranormal was going on. An hour and a half of waiting later, triple a finally showed up. They changed my tired and tried to give me a jump. But for some reason, my car just would not start. It’s like something was keeping us there. We had no choice but to call my friends parents to come and help. We waited another half hour and they finally came. When they got there they tried to figure out what was wrong but we couldn’t figure it out. So, that led to it being towed. Being a minor, I left the scene with the adults so I wasn’t stuck there alone at 10pm at night across from a creepy cemetery that I strongly believe caused these issues. Still to this day, my car is having problems and I think it’s going to die at any point. I refuse to go back again. ~ Marissa P.
#2 If you fish you may know of the cemetery & old dam in Rockton. One evening we decided to go night fishing there. We arrived at the cemetery, you have to walk through the cemetery to reach the walkway across the river. As we were walking through the cemetery, I felt something odd happening like someone was standing right in front of me and they were looking me up and down. After a second I see a beach ball sized orb of brilliant neon blue light rise from a really old grave. I knew it was a male , and it wasn’t as surprised as much as I was startled. The ball of light hung about 5 foot off the ground there and was just watching me for around 5-10 seconds. It was enough time for my brother to ask me “ What the Hell are you doing?” My brother was right next to me as this happened, I said you don’t see it? He said “ See what? You must be stoned!” I wasn’t. I hadn’t even had a beer that day. After ten seconds the ball of blue light just folded in on itself & disappeared. ~ Anonymous
#3 This dates back to the late 80s early 90s during the U46 teacher strike and a week before the old elgin watch factory burned to the ground. Due to the strike kids of working parents were being cared for at the Old Elgin High School. During my stay there, there were frequent power fluctuations and on one particular day a ghost sighting. The fire alarm had gone off and as we were evacuating to the playground I looked at the building and saw an all white old woman looking out the window of the 3rd floor. I asked my friends if they could see her too and they were able to as well. I didn’t think much of it until I told my Mom about it and she told me the floor of the 3rd floor had been removed because it had buckled. The next day my friends and I investigated and found all the stairwells locked and the dust on them undisturbed. The fire had been in the elevator shaft which had been inoperable as well.
I also had forgotten my doll there one night and the next day every electronic item I sat it by turned on lamp, hair dryer etc… ~  Anonymous



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