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Rockford Scanner » Suspect Sexually Assaults A Shopper, At A Local Business. ONCE AGAIN, Police remain SILENT, And are only charging him with simple battery…

Suspect Sexually Assaults A Shopper, At A Local Business. ONCE AGAIN, Police remain SILENT, And are only charging him with simple battery…

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Sources told us that police are only charging him with “simple battery”  

A simple misdemeanor.    
 And this is why Winnebago County is screwed…
Because police chose to charge him with “simple battery”  
Hopefully with us bringing this to attention: 
Police will upgrade those charges….

Note: Police told the victim that the police were goin to release information on this incident to the community.
Again, another lie the police told the community.
Winnebago County Sheriff Office is notorious for LYING to the community and to RS!
Because WCSO still have not released any information on this,
Or many of the violent crimes that have recently happened in Winnebago County.
Thankfully the victim had enough courage to step up and say something!   


ONCE AGAIN, Police feel the need to remain SILENT, Instead of informing the community of these dangers!

I’ve sat on this for a week.
Last week, while shopping alone, minding my business at Hobby Lobby of all places, I was assaulted. This tall, mixed guy came up to me being flirty, and I politely declined his advances. He complimented my body and told me I was beautiful, and on and on. He was tall and intimidating to my 5’3” self. He asked for a hug, and again, declined. He left and I went about my browsing. He then came back and asked me about modeling (🙄) and I said that I just wanted to shop unbothered and definitely not interested. He asked for a hug again, and I said “still a hard no.” He says “well I’m just gonna find out for myself” and proceeded to grab my ass and squeeze it. Hard.
Now listen, I know what I’m working with, and I realize it’s a commonly known attribute that I have, but I have NEVER had a complete stranger so bold as to violate my personal space and wishes to cop a feel. I froze. I said you crossed a line and get the fuck out of my face. Then I stood there as he walked away. I felt disgusting and helpless. I left the store immediately and cried in my car. Then Brady rushed there, the police came, and a report was filed.
I wish I would’ve screamed or punched him in the balls, but I froze. Why am I so damn polite? Would’ve. Could’ve. Should’ve.
The workers said he looked suspicious but they try not to judge because, who knows? He could be an artist getting supplies.
I’m sharing this story because it’s clear that he came into that store at 5:04pm assaulted me at 5:11pm, and left by 5:14pm. He wasn’t there looking for farmhouse decor. This person is a PREDATOR. This happened on 173, and I’d be willing to believe that he will do it again. Keep your children near you in stores, especially your daughters. Be aware of your surroundings and be a bitch. We’re taught to be polite and not piss them off, well I say fuck that. I’m grateful nothing further happened, but I’m heart broke that it did happen. At 37 years old. PLEASE be vigilant about your safety, ladies. Xoxo

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