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Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting Another Shooting Incident, Bullets Just Missing Her 4 Month Old Baby, And Shattering Her Baby’s Crib

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Sources Are Reporting Another Shooting Incident,
And Said Police Did Not Answer The Phone When She Tried To Call To Report It

RS source is reporting another shooting incident.
This one happened overnight in the neighborhood of Broadway and 8th.

She is reporting that the bullets just missed her 4 month old baby.
She said 2 bullets came within 1 inch of hitting her babies head, as she slept in her crib!
Bullets shattering the babies crib.

She told us that she tried to call police 4 different times to report it,
And the police never answered the phone.
(RS Note: We have many people reporting this) 

She did say police did drive by 5 hours later, but did not stop.
So, she ended up collecting the 16 shell casings from the roadway on her own.

She said she again tried to call police to give them the shell casings,
and once again the police did not answer their phone.

She wants to know what she should do with the shell casings,
Since the police do not want them.

Sounds like there were no physical injuries in this incident,
But there were property damages.

Suspects are described as 3-4 Black males in a light colored Kia.


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