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Rockford Scanner™: Several Reports Of Aggressive Panhandlers, Today in Winnebago County

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Several Reports Of Aggressive Panhandlers,
Today in Winnebago County

We are getting tons of reports of multiple panhandlers being aggressive towards the community. 

Many of the sources that are reporting this also added that the police are:
“Not doing a damn thing about it” 

Many of the reporting parties, feel the local government is not addressing an alarming issue. 

City of Rockford has said in the past to not address panhandlers,
and if you want to make a contribution, to contribute to a local charity and not to panhandlers. 

Pretty much every major intersection in Winnebago County has had a complaint about panhandling. 
And multiple reports of panhandlers breaking the law and being very aggressive towards the community. 

Officials also added:
“If you feel that your life is in danger, call 911”

Officials said that most of the people that are panhandling have 10-96 issues and/or have some sort of addiction they are battling. And that if you contribute to panhandling that you are helping to contribute to their addictions. And again stressed that you should be donating the money to local charities and not to panhandlers. 

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