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Rockford Scanner™: I want to take a few seconds and thank the City of Rockford. 

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We provide our fans with informative entertainment. We post our opinions on different topics, on what possibly happened. Based on the information that has been provided to us. We highly recommend that you do your own research via other resources and forming your own opinions.  Our primary goal for this blog, is to provide informative entertainment.  We want to thank our fans who provide us with their information and content, Thank You! If you have information,


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I want to take a few seconds and thank the City of Rockford. 

We recently filed multiple Freedom Of Information Act requests.

I have great news,
The City Of Rockford approved most of our recent Freedom Of Information Act requests.

We will be sharing the FOIA approvals on our website,  During future stories.

I do want to point out, thanks to the FOIA approvals
We are able to make a few corrections.

One example: We posted a recent stabbing scene.
We were told another individual did the stabbing.

According to the FOIA Approval:
It technically was a stabbing. But it ended up being self inflicted.

Thanks to the FOIA request we are able to make this correction
And say it was self inflicted and not another individual that did it, like how it was originally was reported to us.
As much as we strive for accuracy,
Sadly nobody can ever be 100% accurate all of the time.

Even as hard you try, it just never will happen.
And Thankfully to these FOIA approvals, we are able to remain accurate!

We look forward to sharing these FOIA approvals with our fans.  

I want to personally say Thank You,
For taking the time to acknowledge our FOIA requests. 

Going through each and every one of them.
And approving most of them.


We can only provide you the information that IS provided to us…

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