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Rockford Scanner™: Several Military Aircraft Over The Skies Of Winnebago County, Several Neat Aircraft At the Rockford Airport, Fly-In Event Today!

Rockford Airport (RFD/KRFD) Rockford Airport tower, Byron Nuclear Power Plant, UPS, And the American Flag.

Rockford Airport (RFD/KRFD) Rickie Traeger 2022


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Several Military Aircraft Over The Skies Of Winnebago County

Multiple sources are reporting they saw a C-130 Hercules and reports of 2 different Blackhawk helicopters over the skies of Winnebago County yesterday. 

Sources told us the Blackhawks were just flying over, and did not land here locally. 
However, at times they do land at the National Guard in Machesney Park and they do use the Rockford Airport. 

The C-130 Hercules, did land at the Rockford Airport. 
Unknown why it landed at this time. 

It is unknown if the C-130 is still on the ground. 

The Rockford Airport hosts many military aircraft.

You might want to take a trip out to the Rockford airport, and check it out! 

If it has already taken off, there are several interesting aircraft out at the Rockford Airport to check out instead! 

At the time of writing this:
There is a large Boeing 747-400 that is scheduled to take off approx. 9 am. 
A Pilatus PC-24 that is scheduled to take off approx. 1 pm. 
A Beechcraft King Air that is scheduled to depart at 8 am. 

Korean Air is doing a non stop flight from South Korea to Rockford and will be landing approx. 3:45 pm. 

Here is one you do not see often! A Fairchild Dornier 328JET.
Only 110 of these ever built! A true hidden gem. 

It unknown if it is still on the ground or not. 
If it is, be sure to get some photos!
These are pretty rare to see! 

As well as the many UPS and Amazon flights that come and go all day and night!
Those are Boeing 757, 767, 747’s along with Airbus 300, 320’s

There is a Diamond Star that just landed.
As you can see, many different types of aircraft!

Get your cameras ready and check out the skies and the Airports! 

Notes: Aircraft are unpredictable. So the times may change. 

There is an event being held today at the Cottonwood Airport.  
Starts at 11 am, ends at 2 pm

And a Fly-in at the Poplar Grove Airport on the 21st 

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