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Rockford Scanner™: Local 911 Centers Implement Post-Call Surveys




Local 911 Centers Implement Post-Call Surveys


ROCKFORD, Ill. – Residents of the City of Rockford and Winnebago County will be some of the first in the state to use a new citizen satisfaction and feedback solution after a call to 9-1-1. This new service uses text messaging to contact some 911 callers and others that have recently reported or been involved in certain types of incidents.


These text messages are sent hours or sometimes a few days after a call for service and will ask citizens to take a quick survey about their experience with the 911 Center. It will also allow citizens to provide their own comments and feedback after receiving service.


“It is important for us to hear from the community about how we are doing, especially from those that have recently called 9-1-1,” said Todd Stockburger, Division Administrator of the Rockford 911 center. “This new product, called CueHit, will give me access to citizen feedback in near real time and provide insights into areas where we can improve the service we provide to the community. I anticipate it will also give me positive feedback to provide recognition to employees for a job well done.”


CueHit is a new company that started last year as a way to provide tools to Public Safety to help facilitate new kinds of engagement with the community – especially those with recent interactions. CueHit is rolling out to 9-1-1 Centers and Police Departments nationwide after its start in New Jersey and Colorado. “Every citizen should be able to provide feedback to Public Safety the way they can to businesses today and the leaders of 9-1-1, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS should be able to access that feedback and use it to improve service and the morale of their teams.” said Scott MacDonald, CEO of CueHit.


The software will be implemented mid-January at both the Rockford 911 Center and Winnebago County 911 Center.


It is important to note that these surveys should not be used to report any type of emergency or crime.

As always, call 9-1-1 for any emergency or to report any criminal activity.



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