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Rockford Paranormal Files: Sources Are Reporting A House On The East Side, That Is Allegedly Haunted




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Awhile back ago sources told us about a residence near the Rolling Green neighborhood on Rockford’s East side, that was allegedly haunted.

So we tried doing some online research and all the articles that were posted about it online, have since been removed.
Thankfully we found this, at Rockford Rewind.

A house in the 2300 block of East Gate Parkway is said to be Haunted.

In 1982 it was reported that “pots and pans, silverware and cups always in sets of 3s missing.”

“One night the owner found a mirror tile on the dining room wall was broken in a perfect circle. Not one piece of glass fell out.”

“We were just sitting there and heard racket going on down in the basement, when she heard footsteps coming to the door she ran over to the door and felt someone pushing it from the other side.”

“One time they put a chair under the doorknob of the basement door because they had heard grumbling coming from behind the door and seconds later the chair cracked down one side.”

“A local minister performed an exorcism there and police officers have been there to witness incidents”

“In the basement you could feel a cold presence, the temperature would drop, it got close enough to me that it was walking by me like brushing by me”

These people moved in and back out of the house in 11 months. They had a Reverend go in the basement that heard/read about the story and he came over to check things out.

He went into basement and felt cold presences shifting around in the basement , then would feel cold in different spots in the basement where the ghost or demon. He said “he could feel it dodging around, he could feel it going by when he would try to come at it. Once it was under a table, then he would put his hand under the table and felt the cold.”

It is noted that 2 co-workers, 2 neighbors, a minister and assistant, an amateur ghost-hunter and 2 veteran police officers experienced the strange occurrences.
The house was built in 1954

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