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747 Aircraft Takes Off From Rockford Airport, Has To Dump Fuel And Make An Emergency Landing




747 Aircraft Takes Off From Rockford Airport,
Has To Dump Fuel And Make An Emergency Landing

Sources are reporting that approx. 9:30 pm last night a Boeing 747-400 quad  jet took off from the Rockford Airport.  As it departed and was headed for Belgium, the 747-400 began to climb in altitude to the NE.

At approx. 9:35 pm, it was going 369 kts and at approx. 10,000 feet and was close to the stateline, when a problem occurred.  It is unclear exactly what happened.   

The 747-400 came back to the Rockford Airport to land, but it had too much fuel onboard to land right away. The 747-400 was not able to land safely, due to too much fuel on board.   

For approx. an hour and a half, the 747-400 had circled the Rockford and surrounding area, dumping the excess fuel.   

When the plane was dumping fuel, it was at approx. 14,000 feet and going about 300 kts.    Which is well above the minimum altitude to dump fuel.   

After circling our area for an hour and half, it was then able to dump enough fuel to land safely on runway 25 at the Rockford Airport. 

We have several reports of witnesses seeing it fly over the Loves Park area, just after takeoff and they saw what appeared to be a flickering in the engines and the aircraft “sounded different”  

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