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4 Local Paranormal Experience Stories



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From RS Sources: 

  • Middle of the day, Kilburn and Central, saw two feet walk over the shoulder of Kilburn into the little field of grass at the corner. Mid-shin down to the shoes, white and translucent.
  • When my uncle passed my aunt had a dream of his passing he said to her in the dream that he has 24hrs . She didn’t understand what he meant but then me an my family started experiencing weird things happening the radio would play his song and it wouldn’t even be plugged in and then my dog would start barking at the basement but she was too scared to go downstairs so one day I was doing my homework and I felt like someone was watching me so I took a picture downstairs the basement and clear as d ay you saw my Uncle Tim my great grandpa and my aunt Mary standing right by each other and you can literally see in the picture his plaid shirt when we tried printing the picture at Walmart it didn’t show at all so I have a feeling that it just showed for us so no one else can see
  • (Edit) mobile home park the white house in the middle I use to live in when I was little had all kinds of things going on, nothing real harmful just weird stuff going on. The cabinets would all open up when we were sleeping, the dishes would get messed with in the sink, the toys would roll and disappear, dogs would bark at the wall in the living-room, my boyfriend saw a lil boy in my closet wearing a blue suit.
  • Nope….I’m not gonna put the address on blast out of respect to the people living there. I was told that the grim reaper was spotted by 11th st and Broadway in the 60s.



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