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Shout Out To Captain Jack: Possible UFO’s In Our Area?


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I first want to send a shout out to Captain Jack from 98.5
Admin AnneG sent me the link to one of his posts on his Q98.5 website. Thanks AnneG! 

It was right up my alley, The paranormal!   And it was about UFO’s in the Rockford area!
That quickly caught my attention!  😀 

You can read the article and VIEW THE VIDEOS,
on their website at Click Here To View The Story And Videos

Many complain we post too much negative stuff. So let’s have some fun here!

Let’s watch these videos together.
Click Here To View The Story And Videos

In the comment section of our social media, tell us what you think! 

Captain Jack forgot to add the incident where years ago, the military allegedly shot at a UFO near the Cherry Valley, Illinois area. 

Click Here To Read About The Cherry Valley UFO Incident, Where The Military Allegedly Shot At A UFO 

Now, Click Here To View The Story And Videos  and watch the videos and post your comments! 

This is what I think the videos may possibly be.
Just my 2 cents… Do you agree or disagree?

  1. Definitely the lights in the parking lot.  (Unless I am missing something…)  
  2. Balloons
  3. Wish it was more in focus, but definitely thinking it is a drone (quadcopter) 
  4. I have no idea, I couldn’t really see much. I tried watching it several times, but didn’t see much. 
  5. I do find this one interesting.  As for an answer, I have a few theories.  I first thought it may have been emergency vehicles and the camera angle was towards the ground, and not in the air. However, I am pretty sure that theory is out the door because the lights appear to be in sync. Yes, it is still plausible the lights could sync between units. But I have photographed scenes for over a decade now. And I cant recall any lights being synced between emergency vehicles. I may be wrong, but I can’t recall of any.  So, then I began to think it probably was a drone. But when they zoom in at the end, I am pretty sure my theory is out the door on this one too.   Hmmmm,  I will just say this video has peaked my interest…  What do you think?

I would have loved if one of these videos would have been a real UFO! 

Credit/Sources: Captain jack at 98.5


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