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Rockford Scanner™: Recap of this afternoons incidents, Along with videos and photos…

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Scroll down to watch the live videos. 

Recap of this afternoons incidents: 

#1 There was an automobile accident near Central and Kilburn.  Unknown on the severity of the injuries.

#2 There was an accident on Springfield, near Montague. Unknown on injuries. 

#3 There was an auto accident on Alpine and Guilford.  One vehicle involved was smoking after the collision. Unknown on injuries. Traffic was delayed for awhile. 

#4 Two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle at the “Wreck-It-Round-A-Bout” (Auburn and Main) RPD has released information saying they believe the injuries are non life threatening. 

#5 In the 3900 block of Prairie rd there was a fire. Sources said it was a barn and a vehicle that were on fire. A MABAS was toned out, but was downgraded a short time later. It sounds like the Blackhawk FD did an awesome job on getting to the scene quickly and getting the situation under control quickly. Unknown on injuries.  

#6 Several Rockford police officers and the crime scene unit are working a scene near Eagle and Canary.  They have not released any information, but sources are reporting to us that it was a shooting scene. That a vehicle was traveling down Canary, when the suspects inside it open fired at a citizen nearby. RPD has not confirmed this or released any information.  We can only confirm many officers and the crime scene unit were on scene. 

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RS Source sent us the following video from the fire on Prairie.

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