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Janesville Man Arrested for 11th Offence OWI




Janesville Man Arrested for 11th Offence OWI

On 11/8/20 at 3:44 PM, Officer Matthew Traynor observed a vehicle traveling the wrong way in the one way section of W Court St just east of Center Ave.

A traffic stop was initiated and the driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Field sobriety tests were administered and the driver was placed under arrest. The blood alcohol level is pending blood results.

A driving records check showed that the driver, 60-year-old Kelvin Kenny of Janesville had 10 previous OWI convictions, had a revoked driving status and was on probation with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Kenny was arrested and held at the Rock County Jail for:
346.63(1)(a) OWI 11th Offense
973.01(1) Probation
343.44(1)(B) Operating with a revoked driving status.


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