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Rockford Scanner: Woman Describes Her Paranormal Experience At A Loves Park Business


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An anonymous source sent us the following on their local paranormal experience:

I believe my place of employment is haunted. I’m not sharing exactly where but my coworkers will certainly know (lol). I will say it is a warehouse in Loves Park.

There’s an older man who likes to bump your chair. There has also been a sighting of a woman apparition standing behind someone working. I have felt someone following me from the restroom and breakroom that are located on the opposite side of the building as my office, on numerous occasions. Usually happens when I stay late or work on a Saturday morning.

I’ve seen shadows out of the corner of my eye. I also had a mist flow into the breakroom and a woman’s face appeared for a second and then all of it vanished.

What convinced me most was when I was the last person working in the area and a cold air that made my arm hair stand on end slowly creeped up from behind me and then I felt someone standing next to me.

There’s no a/c where I was and no fans were blowing (believe me, I checked). I’m hoping to sometime try to communicate with them and find out more. I’m sure they are friendly; I’ve never felt threatened and haven’t heard or experienced anything menacing.

Thanks for reading. It’s not often people can say such things without feelings crazy. Lol”


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