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Local Paranormal: Woman Describes Her Paranormal Experiences In A Haunted House On The East Side




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Below is an experience from a RS source.
She talks about her experience living in a haunted house on the East side.


She wrote:
“When I was 8 my parents decided to rent a house on 15th st in Rockford ,IL. 

 The house was quiet for a few days then all of a sudden blankets were being pulled off from my brothers while they slept. Knifes would fly across the kitchen, a large Easter stuffed bunny flew across the bedroom. The tv would change channels by itself. My mom got fed up and called for help. So we had 7 different priest to come before they step in they left and told my parents to just leave and don’t take anything with. Apparently there was a Demon and a Poltergeist in the house. My grandma would visit and she witnessed my mom being pushed up against the wall.

There are plenty of people that can back this story. They are (name edited out for privacy) also stayed with us, she is my aunt. My brother (name edited out for privacy) had the blanket pulled off of him. When I went to school my teacher at the time called me to her desk and showed me the news paper, that had my house in the news story.

The whole time we stayed 6 months.  Not once did the landlord come by for rent”





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