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Local Man Talks About His Paranormal Experiences While Growing Up in A Local Haunted House


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So, my story begins with the very first house I grew up in. I was young maybe 7 years old when it began. I would never sleep in my room because something was wrong. My parents would have to lock my door from the outside.

I would wake up to someone grabbing my shoulder very hard yet no was there. This happened ever single night for years and even following up to after we moved out the house. Whatever was grabbing me would even leave bruises.

I eventually showed my parents and they were surprised. Like I said this entity didn’t leave my side for years. I brought up the story to my dad years ago and it turns out that the family that lived there before were actually apart of the Jim Jones cult and ended up killing themselves.

I’m not sure if it was in the house or not. Apparently the husband was a very mean man a very large man which leads me to think that his angry spirit was in that house and continued to follow me after we left.

That’s my paranormal experience. Thanks for listening!

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