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IT ONLY TAKES A SECOND TO SHARE: Local School District Sweeps Bullying Under The Rug, Concerned Parent Steps Up Against Bullying


From a concerned parent:

She posted this in hopes that the school and school district will do something about bullying, instead of the school district trying to hide it and sweep it under the rug.

Tonight I wonder how long? How long will Stephen Mack Middle School in Rockton Il allow 2 girls to be so horrible to others? How long will the school continue to sweep the issue under the rug?

How many more girls will be caught cutting themselves in the school bathroom (at the Valentine’s day dance no less) because of being terrorized daily by these two? At school, on the bus, in public, on social media doesn’t matter, they always find a way. The school has done nothing about these girls, even after one of them threatened a school shooting (and even knew who she was going to shoot first) and physically assaulted classmates.

How many other teenagers get to have their school year, their lives and their confidence shattered because of 2 awful girls. It needs to stop and I guess I’ll be the parent to put the school on blast.

Feel free to share this post and tag whoever you see fit to get the word out about the constant abuse floating through the walls of this school.

Im no longer standing by, watching and listening to the horror stories. Someone needs to protect these kids.


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