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Rockford Scanner™: Shooting Incident in Downtown Rockford

NOTE: RPD did not even log this shooting scene into their call logs

Several sources are reporting a shooting incident in downtown Rockford.
It happened near 4th and Market overnight, at or near the Rue Marche.
Approx. 10 gunshots were heard from several sources.
I have been told by a few sources there was a shooting victim. But the RPD has not confirmed this. They have not even confirmed the shooting incident.
Sources said that the RPD had put up the crime scene tape and had collected several shell casings, prior to my arrival on scene to work this story.
(See live video below)
No suspect information, but sources said a vehicle was heard fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed and squealing tires as it fled.  So it is safe to assume the alleged suspect(s) are still on the loose in the streets of Rockford.


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