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Rockford Scanner™: Approx. 20 Officers Working A Scene in Rockford


RPD call log shows this as an assist (backup) call.  Rockford PD and Winnebago County Sheriff were on scene.  Winnebago County Sheriff has nothing in their call logs on this call.

Rockford Police Call Log, Shows it as an Assist (Backup) call

Winnebago County Sheriff Call Log, Nothing mentioned about this call in their call logs.

We can confirm the scene is near Rockton and Winnebago. Several officers are on scene. A U-Haul truck has hit a white vehicle near this area.  RS source Jamie said the alleged suspects jumped out of the moving truck and fled from police, while letting the truck drive on its own. Which appears to have ended up crashing into the white vehicle in the photos.
We were told there was a shooting incident this was related too. But police have not confirmed anything or released any information on this scene, so that part is still unconfirmed.
Unknown if the suspects were taken into custody or if they are still roaming free in the streets of Rockford still.
Original reports said approx. 20 officers were working the scene.
After we posted this many sources said there was way more than 20 officers that were working the scene.

Jamie A. “My boyfriend just nearly got hit by a huge U-Haul 2 passengers jumped out, let the U-Haul ghost ride it was coming towards his car along with 15 to 20 squads!!!!”

Sources are reporting a scene in Rockford. 
Approx. 20 officers are working a scene on the West side.
Sounds like it might be a perimeter, and they are searching for someone.
We were told shots were fired in the area, and they are searching for the suspects.  But as you know local police are encrypted and have not released any information on the suspects or the incident.
Police are reported to be near the following areas: Acorn, Jefferson, Winnebago, Rockton ave, Kilburn. All in the area and nearby neighborhoods.

Source said: “Some guy stole a U-Haul from Beloit then robbed the marijuana dispensary. They chased him from Beloit to here, he jumped out and ran. They brought the k9s out. They did not find him. But they got all the weed back….And said the possibly know who the alleged suspects are.
No police departments have confirmed this or released any information on this incident.


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