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Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Not Answering Their Phones…

Just before 12:30 am this morning, there was an incident.  
I tried to call the Rockford Police Department to report the crime. 

When I called it rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. 
No one from the RPD answered the phone.  
After I attempted to call the police to report the crime, and RPD did not answer. I saw 2 RPD officers on Broadway, so I tried to get their attention by flashing my lights at them several times.  The one squad car had 317 D2 on the back of it.   
As I flashed my lights at this officer to get their attention, so I could make the report on the crime. The officer drove away from me.  
So here I am trying to report a crime. I tried to call them and they didn’t answer. And I tried to flag down 2 officers on Broadway, they drove away from me. 
The officers turned onto 8th st, just North of Broadway.  They went to go work a scene there.  Unknown what kind of scene.  
Many of you guys have told us about this happening to you guys.  It seems to be a common thing these days.  Because many of you have contacted us and told us about your own experiences. 
Tonight, I have had my own experience now and see exactly what you guys are talking about.  

Apparently RPD must be super busy, because of them not answering their phones.  Why else would they not be able to answer the phones?  
So it is unknown what kind of scenes were happening, for them to not answer their phones.  If you know of any scenes, let us know!