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Rockford Scanner™: Editorial From Kerry, On Crime Prevention

As you know we post editorials from time to time.  Send us your stuff, and we will post it on our website. 
Below is from Kerry Tatlow

STOP Making It Easy For Rockford Criminals!
I’ve asked a sergeant and a detective in Rockford LE about our far-too-common car thefts.
They said there are three ways that cars are stolen in Rockford:

  • Owners leave keys in car.
  • Car keys are stolen in burglary.
  • Domestic disputes.

In other words, the criminals CANNOT steal your car without the keys!
They do NOT attempt to defeat the steering wheel interlocks installed in ALL cars today.
Therefore, any responsible citizen WHO CARES about stopping some of our horrible crime problems MUST take the SIMPLE precautions:

  • DO NOT leave your keys in your car!
  • DO NOT leave your car running unattended!
  • Within your residence, hide your car keys well (don’t hang them on a hook on the wall or put them in a drawer; better to keep them on your person at all times.)
  • If you are in a relationship with a criminal or abuser or addict or loser, get OUT of it now.

We’ve had innocent people in Rockford killed by criminals driving stolen cars, and many other crimes are facilitated by the use of stolen cars. Car owners’ negligence threatens all of us.
People who read Rockford Scanner KNOW how bad our crime is. Please take the EASY precautions necessary to STOP some of it, or it will certainly continue.
And God bless our law enforcement, who do the best they can, in this awful era of widespread daily criminal predation.


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