Rockford Scanner™: House fire in Rockford. Two people trapped on the roof


Update on Princeton fire: no civilian injuries, fire under control.

Update: Engine 10 scene of Princeton with heavy smoke showing, two occupants safely removed. Fire attack in progress.

Sources are reporting a structure fire with people trapped in Rockford.

It happened around 11:45 PM tonight in the 2100 block of Princeton Avenue on Rockford Eastside.  Reports of the structure is on fire and two people are trapped on the roof of the house.  Several emergency personnel are en route to the scene.  When the Rockford fire department arrived on scene, they confirmed heavy smoke and flames coming from the residence.  They are trying to rescue people on the roof.  This still developing



Rockford Scanner™: Disorderly Woman Allegedly Yells Racist Comments At The Local YMCA, Police Investigating


Kevin Micheal Dufauchard sent us the following.  He said he was at the YMCA in Rockford, when he encountered a disorderly female. Police were called and she was arrested according to Kevin.

Kevin said: “

I don’t know how to even begin this post. Just had a traumatic experience that left me in disbelief.

I was walking into my local YMCA (which turned out to be closed) when an older white woman sitting at a table near the entrance spoke to me. In a very nasty, devilish voice she said “You’re out of your territory.”

Me: “What???”

Her: “You heard me you F****** N*****, get out of here N*****”

*Proceeds to say more racist things towards me*

This woman was screaming these things, to the point where people walking a trail nearby (about 100 yards away) were able to hear these things. Some of them, also white, came to my defense and exchanged words with this old hag of a woman.

The lady ended up yelling at these people (again from 100 yds away) and calling them N***** lovers.

Some people who witnessed the event also called the police, others recorded. I waited for them to arrive and address the situation. The lady was still sitting at the table when they pulled up, got the details of what happened, and eventually arrested the lady (trespassing, disorderly conduct)

You hear these stories all around, but let me tell you it’s still very unreal when it happens to you. I don’t understand why racism is still an issue in this country.

Now if this woman was bold enough to do this on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylight, it makes me wonder how many people are thinking this way. Also makes me wonder how often does this happen.

Not everyone is as composed as me and would have handled the situation the same as I did. This lady likely suffered from some mental health issues and was unstable but that cannot excuse the racism and bigotry shown to me.

Despite this traumatic and disheartening verbal assault that I endured today, instead of bottling this experience I felt it was important to share this all with you. Racism in America still exists and is brutally alive in the hearts of many citizens.

Please be conscious of your surroundings, these people are still around. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have loved to see me harmed. Be careful and be safe.”


Rockford Scanner™: Large Amount Of Drugs Located Behind A Rockford business


Source is reporting the following:
“Several cops were seen behind a Dollar General at N Main and Riverside. 2 duffel bags were found back behind the business with large quantities of drugs. All wrapped like bricks”



Rockford Scanner™: Shooting victim at a local McDonald’s


Sources are reporting a shooting victim at a local McDonald’s.

It happened just before 7 PM in the 3700 block of Auburn at the McDonald’s.

That is the McDonald’s at Auburn and Central.

Reports of at least one shooting victim at this location.  It is not yet known on the severity of the injuries at this time.  No suspect information.

This is still developing.

If you have any information please call the Rockford Police Department.



Rockford Scanner™: Shooting incident and Rockford, Rockford police are investigating


Sources are reporting a shooting incident in Rockford earlier today.

Source told us the following information: “1300/1400 block of Sherman Ave blocked off. I heard a couple gunshots. Then about 6 or so more about a minute later. Cops came. One officer was walking down the street with a rifle and said I should go inside”

It is unclear if there’s any victims or any property damage at this time.  We have been told there is at least one victim, but that is not confirmed. No suspect information is available at the time of writing this.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: large police perimeter on Eastside


Sources are reporting a scene with multiple police officers in the area of Charles and Alpine earlier today.

It is not known exactly what happened at this time.  We have been told that there was a robbery nearby in the Rockford Police Department are looking for the suspects in the area.  Sources are reporting a large police perimeter was set up in the area. But as you know we cannot yet confirm this because it Rockford Police Department has yet to release any information on this.



Rockford Scanner™: Shooting in Rockford, Victim self transported to the hospital


Sources are reporting a shooting on Rockford’s Westside.

It happened just before 3 AM this morning in the area of Ashland and Bluefield.  Reports of several gunshots were fired in the area and at least one person was struck by the gunfire.  A vehicle was also struck by the gunfire.

A victim is reported to have self transported to a local hospital.  It is not yet known on the suspect information or the victim’s condition at this time.

No other information is available.



Rockford Scanner™: Victim Robbed And Stabbed in Rockford

Update from the RPD:  The victim was stabbed in the chest. The injuries are believed to be non life threatening. Nothing was taken from the victim, so the original reports of a robbery are unfounded. Police are investigating how the victim sustained the injuries. If you have any information, please call the RPD or you can send us the tip and we can relay it to the RPD for you.

Sources are reporting a man down in the roadway and is bleeding from the chest area. It happened around 1:10 am this morning near Andrews and Hinkley, on Rockford’s West side.

Reports of a man laying in the roadway and is bleeding from the chest area. Rockford Police  have confirmed the victim was robbed and stabbed in the chest. Unknown how many times the victim was stabbed.

Suspects fled the scene.  No suspect information at this time.

The victim was transported to a local hospital.
It is not yet known on the victims condition.

No other information at this time.

Scene video below, viewer discretion is advised.


Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase, Police Perimeter Setup in Rockford


Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

There was a police chase. The suspect got out of the vehicle near Sandy Hollow and Potter. That is just East of 11th st. Numerous police officers are in the area setting up a perimeter and searching for the suspect.