Rockford Scanner™: Explosion Inside A Loves Park Residence, Several Emergency personnel En Route

Update from the LPFD:
Around 2:55 pm Loves Park fire was dispatched to a house explosion.

No explosion occurred but there was a trailer fire. The fire was controlled in about 10 min.

Once the fire was controlled an interior search was done and 4 pets were recovered.

2 alive 2 deceased.

Per Asst. Chief Conley, a gas explosion has been ruled out.


Reports of an explosion inside a residence in loves park around 3 pm today. It happened around 2:55 pm today near 5012 Cobblestone
(In Forest Hills Village) 

Reports of an explosion inside a residence in the 500 block of Cobblestone. 

Reports of an explosion then smoke and flames were visible coming from the residence.  Unknown on the cause of the possible explosion. 

No reports of injuries at the time of writing this. 

Several emergency personnel from LPFD and NPFD are en route. 

UPDATE: No flames are visible, but smoke is showing from the front door. They are hearing animals inside the residence. unknown if it is occupied.

UPDATE #2:  Animals have been rescued, reports of 2 of them did not make it (Unconfirmed). No humans injured or killed. The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

Update #3 Linnea  said “Only 1 out of 4 dogs survived the fire.😭😭those were my babies!” 

Still developing. 




Rockford Scanner™: Almost 1,000 customers without power in Winnebago County


As of 2:45 pm today, there is almost 1,000 customers without power in Winnebago County. 

There is a large power outage on the west side of the county.

Comed is currently looking into the situation. There is no cause of the power outage at the time of writing this. No estimated restore time at the time of writing this. Still developing.



Rockford Scanner™: RS Fans Warn Citizens Of A Suspicious Person in Machesney Park


Several people are reporting a suspicious person in Machesney park. 

Many have called the police, but the police have yet to do anything about the situation.

So the concerned citizens have contacted us in hopes of warning the nearby citizens. 

A man of Arab decent in a grayish colored SUV/Jeep with tinted windows and a rack on the back of the vehicle, is acting very suspiciously in the area of Showplace 14 in Machesney park, usually between the times of 10 am to 1 pm. 

So the concerned citizens have reached out to us and asked if we can do an article on this, in hopes of warning the citizens in the area and keeping their eyes and ears open about this suspicious man. 


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Wants To Thank Metro Ambulance Crew For Going Out Of Their Way To Save Lives

Carol Boslem sent us an email wanting to thank the crew of Metro Ambulance #53

She was traveling down Perryville when she noticed the Metro Ambulance (#53) pull over and removed some debris from the roadway.

She said: ” On Perryville today around 10:05 a.m. one of the EMT’s get out of the ambulance removed rubbage off of the road for all of our safety.
I would just like to thank you these 2 EMT’s for taking their time. They went above and beyond of all my expectations for doing a great job keeping everybody safe.. Thank you guys Great Ambulance 53 ”




LIFE-SAVING TRAINING: RPD Officers received tourniquets today and were trained by EMS professionals on how to use them from MercyHealth and the Northwest Illinois Preparedness and Response Coalition. Having a tourniquet handy could be the difference between life and death for someone suffering a serious injury. We appreciate the donation of the tourniquets and the time spent training our officers!


Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Ends Up With The Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle


Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle

Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford around midnight. 

It happened around 12:05 am this morning around Falcon and Beltline. 

There is reports of a vehicle in the river and 2 people are trapped inside it. 

This was a police chase, that ended up in the river.

The vehicle is completely submerged.

Officers are in the river trying to rescue the suspects.

Still developing. 

Update: The 2 people were rescued.  At least one of them needed medical attention.