Rockford Scanner™: Woman Posts Video Of Possible Human Trafficking Near Candlewick Lake in Boone County

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Several sources have sent us the following in regards to a suspicious incident in Boone County that happened last Friday.

Juliana Gonzalez posted this video on her social media

It happened at or very close to the Candlewick Lake area.

She is frustrated that the police knows who this suspect is, and have not made the public aware of the situation. And also to bring awareness.

After posting that video, sh posted this.

Then today she posted this:

I was notified by a source in my neighborhood that a white van was spotted at the front gates of our community CWL!!! 😠(Not sure if it was yesterday I received a text last night and just viewed it now.) CWL security got involved they took down plates and it was reported to the police 👮‍♀️ as soon as I have more info, i will report it! I will say this again STAY ALERT 🚨 THIS IS NOT A GAME, watch your babies please.

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