Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Working A Scene On The East Side


A little after 8:30 pm tonight, several sources are reporting a scene on the East side.

Reports are saying there are several police officers working a scene in the neighborhood near 11th and Charles, down to Woodruff.  Sounds like the main scene might be in the area of 10th and 6th, but not confirmed

As you see, this is a large area so it is safe to assume they might have a perimeter set up in that area.

UPDATE: Sounds like it was a police chase and the suspects crashed. Then the suspects fled on foot. Police have a perimeter searching for the suspects.

Stephanie Lee “10th and 11th are blocked, it looks like from charles to roughly railroad. I didnt know Rockford had that many squad cars available on one shift. I believe I saw at least 2 with the perimeter.”