Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating Another Violent Crime Call in Rockford, Numerous Officers On Scene


UPDATE: Police have yet to release any information on this scene.

Sources reporting there were at least 3 evidence markers next to some shell casings in the driveway of 6103 Kilburn.

Several officers and the crime scene unit was on scene.

We been told there was a shooting victim, but we can not yet confirm that.

No suspect information, due to the encryption.

Several sources are reporting a crime scene in Rockford. 

Numerous police and the crime scene van are in the 6100 block of Kilburn ave

Police have confirmed an “In Progress Person: Shooting, Stabbing, Robbery”  at 6108 Kilburn around 6:40 pm tonight. 

Police have the roadway blocked off. 

No suspect information, due to the encryption

Check back later for possible updates