Rockford Scanner™: Victim Overdoses, Man Flees Scene. Neighbors Armed With Guns To Protect Their Family




Sources are reporting a person has overdosed in a vehicle in the area of Centerville Rd and Simpson Rd. Reported to have overdosed on heroin.

Reports of a black male that fled the scene and several officers are in the area searching for the man. (not the victim) 

Residents in the area are reported to have their doors locked and are armed with their guns, to protect their families. 

Still developing. 



Rockford Scanner™: Meteor Sighting!

Around 8:40 pm tonight several meteor sightings were being reported across several states in Midwest. The meteor was reported to be going north to south and had a greenish color to it.

Did you happen to see it? Still developing and more info to come!

Report your sighting to

I, Trina Sansone and my daughter, Tasha Sansone were driving West on Harlem towards North Second St. and we both witnessed this Meteor. When we stopped at the stop light at N. 2nd and Harlem, this Meteor was very low flying in the sky.
It was literally the size of a basketball and fast but not so fast you couldn’t make it out. We actually just sat there with our mouths gaping wondering what the heck this thing was. At first it did look like a missile. It was flying straight without erratic behavior. The colors were blue, some green and a white tail and looked as if it was headed straight towards the blue water tower in the area. We never heard it because our windows were up and air was on. When we arrived at our destination our family members heard the boom which verified what we seen. They stated it sounded like a sonic boom.

Rockford Scanner™: Recap of the violent crime police calls in Rockford & Winnebago County over the last 72 hours.




Recap of the violent crime police calls in Rockford & Winnebago County over the last 72 hours. 


Local Teen Missing Since July 6th, Mother Asking for Publics Help in Locating Her


UPDATE: The mother is saying she has been located



I am in desperate need of your help my 16 year old daughter is missing and has not been heard from since the 6th. 

There has been no activity on her phone or social media since 6 pm on the 6th

Her name is Destiny Mclaren and she is 16 years old.

I have made a police report but they have been no help to me at all if you could post this along with her picture I would forever be grateful.

I am offering a reward to anyone who can help bring my child home

Call 779-200-7603

Destiney McLaren is   16 old.
She has missing from 20th & Samuelson Rd Rockford, IL since July 6th around 6pm.
No activity on her phone or any other Social Media.
She is not a runaway.
Destiney is 16, 5’1. 112lbs. Long Brown Hair and Green Eyes.
There is a reward for any information on my my daughter that brings her home safely.

Rockford Scanner™: Medical Helicopter Crashes With 4 People On Board

Chicago: Around 9:30 pm tonight a medical helicopter has crashed in Chicago, closing down several highways in the area of I-57 & I-94. 

A Superior Air Ambulance helicopter (N312SA) was transporting a female patient approx. 70 years old to Christ Hospital, when they called a MAYDAY to the tower and said they were going down. 

4 people were on board the helicopter. All have been transported to local hospitals. 

Audio provided by at

Still developing