Winnebago County Health Department Recommends Getting Tested For Covid-19. Details In The Article…

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Those who have been in a large gathering where social distancing and masking was not adhered to should self-monitor for symptoms and be tested immediately upon experiencing symptoms or within 5 – 7 days of attending the gathering if asymptomatic.

The Community Based COVID-19 testing site at UIC Health Sciences Campus – Rockford, is open 7 days per week from 8 – 4.
The Community Based COVID-19 Testing Site at Auburn High School is open M-F from 9:00 – 4:30.

Neither site requires identification. Both are FREE and will test all people, regardless of symptoms.

COVID-19 Data Update

(Data Last Updated – 06/14/2020)

  • Winnebago County:
    • Positive COVID-19 Cases: 2,765
    • Deaths: 78
    • Recovery Rate: 91.6
  • Important Local Updates

    • On Sunday, June 14, the Winnebago County Health Department announced that 35 Winnebago County residents tested positive for COVID-19 for a total of 2,765 cases in the county.
    • On Saturday, June 13, the Winnebago County Health Department announced that 29 Winnebago County residents tested positive for COVID-19 for a total of 2,730 cases in the county.
    • On Tuesday, June 9 the Winnebago County Health Department issued guidance for phase 3 for funeral homes and cemeteries. Click here for guidance information.



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