Texas Authorities Say Charles Ray “Chucky” Kidnapped Glen Ray

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 The other day the Texas authorities were testing out something on their development server and accidentally sent this out to the public. 

They released the photo above and said Charles Lee Ray, who is better known as Chucky in the Childs Play movies,  has kidnapped his child Glen Ray.

Note: Chucky and Tiffany had a child and they named him Glen Ray

The message said that Glen Ray was abducted by Chucky in Henderson at 9 a.m. on Thursday. Glen had been described as having a “blue shirt and black collar,” and Chucky has “blue denim overalls with multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt wielding a huge kitchen knife.”

Ruben Medina of DPS said “This was actually a test we were running on a dev server and it accidentally went out,”




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