Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Found A Small Child In Rockford, RPD Investigating

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UPDATE: The child is back with parents.

Rockford Police confirmed they are investigating a small child that was found in the area of Alpine and Harrison ave just before 1 PM today.

From the person who found the child:
Damaris Trujillo

We found this baby we made the call to RPD & were advice not to give the child to an adult until police showed up which they did in a matter on 5 mins
I’m driving with my husband we see this tiny baby trying to get over a snow pile bare hands on snow & immediately pull in the apartment parking lots next to where she was at I ask her her name she wouldn’t tell me i ask where he mom is at she said “she didnt come back” I pick her up put her in my truck

1 no I dont believe she was autistic she didnt show any signs of it as she spoke to me about her favorite color her makeup & always looked at me in my eyes
2 I got kids I know kids can get away from you but this baby had sticky nasty matted hair this baby lacked basic grooming & I mean BAISIC! was at 1 & I’m assuming she had her old diaper from a day before because it was sagging & she smelled of old urine
3 she had caris on thin ones backwards & inside out her shoes were on the wrong foot so I doubt anyone “helped”
4 when the cops knock on the door she pointed out to be hers it flew open w the knock it was cracked open
I know it’s hard to take care of children if you mentally are going through something but come on even if you do work a lot come on this baby shouldn’t suffer she was shivering her little hands were bloodshot read she was freezing her pee went through her diaper onto her pants this really broke my heart I hope if her parents are going through something they get the help they need so they can be the best for her
Good luck baby girl w the beautiful eyes❤”