Rockford Scanner™: 2 Scenes With Numerous Emergency personnel Working Each Scene

Sources are reporting 2 different scenes involving numerous police officers in the Rockford area.

Happen around 11 PM in the following areas.

There is a large police parameter set up in the areas of Green street, Near Hinckley. Several police officers are working a police perimeter at this time. It is not yet known what happened all we can confirm is police have a perimeter set up and are currently searching for at least one suspect. Sound like this is a possible dangerous situation so you want to please stay inside and report any suspicious activity in the area.

The other location is near Trevor circle on Rockford Southeast side. Numerous emergency personnel are working a scene near this location. We been told this is a shooting incident but police have not confirmed this as of yet. All we can confirm is numerous emergency personnel are working the scene at this time and you want to avoid the area for a while.

We will try to update this as information becomes available. If you have any information on either of the scenes please contact us.


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