Rockford Scanner™: Scene On The East Side, One Person Detained


Sources are reporting numerous police officers working a scene earlier today in the Hampton Ridge area in Rockford. That is located near Sandy Hollow.

It is unclear exactly what happened.  we have been told a suspect was shooting, others have said it was a home invasion.  Like I said, it is unclear exactly what happened at this time because Rockford police are encrypted and have yet to release any information on this.

Sources said one person was taken into custody.  It is unknown exactly what the person is charged with at  this time, or any information on the suspect.

No other information is available


Rockford Scanner™: Vehicles Falls Onto A Person, After The Jack Fails

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Update:   Firefighters say the victim became trapped, under his own truck, after slipping on ice while getting out of the truck. The truck continued to move and came to a rest on the victim. Specialized lifting equipment was brought in to lift the truck. (WTVO)

Original reports said the jack failed and the vehicle fell onto the person. After posting this, some have said a jack was not involved.  A vehicle was on top of a person and they need a tech. rescue to get the victim free. Unknown exactly how the vehicle fell onto the victim.

Griselda Durand “Pray for this man. I held him until emergency crews arrived. No jack was involved in the accident. I don’t know him. I was driving by at the right time on a route I have never driven home before and he needed help.”

Just before 5 pm tonight, several emergency personnel were responding to a vehicle that fell onto a person.

It happened in the area of Lund ave and Hampton Ridge.

A jack came out from under the vehicle and the vehicle crashed down onto the person underneath it.  Several emergency personnel were en route to assist.

At the time of writing this, injuries were reported. Unknown on the severity of the injuries

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Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries, Involving A School Bus

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SERIOUS ACCIDENT: Please avoid the 2800 block of Sandy Hollow Road. It will be shut down for the next several hours following a serious accident between a black vehicle and a school bus. No one on board the school bus was transported to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries. The RPD Traffic Unit is currently reconstructing the accident.

Sources are reporting an accident with a school bus.

It happened near Sandy Hollow and Hampton Ridge.

Injuries were being reported. No injuries on the bus. The person in the vehicle, was unconscious.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Kirsten Lane Otten My dad saw it happen. He blew past him through a yellow light as my dad was stopping for it and a car ahead stopped to turn and he lost control and couldnt stop slid all over the road and then infront of the school bus the bus didnt even have time to try to stop. My dad said guy was breathing but kept passing out and there was blood coming from his mouth.


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