Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Shooting At Each Other, Crash & Is Arrested


Source is reporting a shooting in Rockford. 

They said: ”  Drive by shooting in front of my house at at 1230p at Garrett lane and Tralee Dr. Rockford Il.

2 vehicles, 2 black Male drivers. Arms out windows shooting at each others vehicles. Black Male driving Impala crashed into another vehicle while fleeing the scene and was apprehended. Other suspect at large.

This is a family neighborhood, lots of children outside playing in yards, literally feet from these people shooting at each other. God bless that no innocent victims were harmed.”


Rockford Scanner™: Woman Takes Out Several Mailboxes In Rockford

Source is reporting:
“Today at around noon a woman was spotted on her phone driving east on Garrett lane in Rockford just before hopping the curb and taking out a set of mailboxes. She attempted to flee, was flagged by a neighbor because of scraping underneath her vehicle. Pieces are even left behind. She stopped in a driveway where neighbors asked if she was okay.”