Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run in Rockford

Sources are reporting a hit and run accident.

Source said:  “Approximately 0215 am on the 3400 block of Fremont Street, a grey Buick Lucerne CXL impacted my personal car outside of my home. My car is no longer functional from the damage and their car is totaled, and sitting approximately 75 yards away in the middle of the road. The driver fled the scene. PD contacted with no arrival time as of yet. Attached is the license plate. Thank you.”



Rockford Scanner™: Several Police Officers Working A Medical Assist Scene

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Several Police Officers Working A Medical Assist Scene

Sources reporting numerous police working a scene near the 2300 block of Fremont st in Rockford. That is near Fremont and Fulton ave.

At the time of writing this, RPD said it was a medical assist.

All we can confirm right now is, several police officers working a medical assist call on Fremont in Rockford.