Rockford Scanner™: Anderson Japanese Gardens Storm Damage Restoration


Anderson Japanese Gardens is asking for the public’s help in their effort to restore and repair up to $16,100 in damages they sustained from the recent heavy rains and flooding. They are asking for donations to help the cost for repairs as everything is funded through donations as a not-for-profit corporation.

Below is a snippet from their page and a link to go to for donations:

The Garden sustained significant damage as a result of the recent heavy rain events.  The creek rose to unprecedented levels and runoff water from neighboring streets rushed through the heart of the Garden.

The results were washed-out pathways, large deposits of sand, stone and debris throughout the Garden, shorted-out electrical systems, the loss of a 160 year old oak tree and two electric guest transportation carts under three feet of water.


What We Need

  • Replace two electric guest transportation carts – $10,000
  • GFI electrical system replacement – $1,900
  • Heavy Equipment & Operator – $2,400
  • Professional Tree Service – $2,000
  • Material to replace washed-out path network – $1,600

TOTAL NEED = $16,100