Rockford Scanner™: Fireworks Accident During An Event At A Local School


Madison who is a senior at Hononegah sent us the following video from last night’s fireworks mishap at the Hononegah High School Purple & Gold Fest 2019 at the Hononegah High School.   

As you can see there was a fireworks mishap, unknown on injuries. Watch the video below. 

The firework show was from 9:45-10 pm according to their website


Rockford Scanner™: Victim Eye Is Injured, After A Fireworks Accident in Rockford

Update from the mother:  THIS WAS MY DAUGHTER and it was NOT OUR FIREWORKS that caused her injury. A neighborhood child was shooting illegal fireworks in front of our home. She didn’t even see it coming. Her eye is fine. She has a laceration of her eyelid and will heal in a week or so. She is LUCKY. If her eye was open she would have lost her eye.

UPDATE: The victim is a 8 year old female. 

Around 8 pm tonight several emergency personnel were responding to a fireworks accident in Rockford

It happened in the area of the 2600 block of Bildahl. 

Reports of a fireworks accident near this location. 

A person was injured by fireworks. 

The victims eye is injured. 

Several emergency personnel are en route, including an inspector.