Rockford Scanner™: Stabbing Victim in Rockford, Possibly Fatal




WANTED FOR MURDER: Keith Delao, 23, is wanted in connection to the deadly stabbing at Fairgrounds Park last Friday.


The victim has been identified as 38 year old Ronnie Ray

The victim has passed away and this is now a murder investigation. The victim was found by a citizen inside the Fairgrounds park gazebo.

That is located very close to the Rockford Police District 1 station.

The victim was laying in a large pool of blood and was not breathing.
The male victim is reported to be in his 30’s

Emergency personnel arrived on scene and transported the victim to a local ER,  where he was pronounced dead. The victim suffered multiple stab wounds.

Reports of a Hispanic male leaving the park around the same time the stabbing happened. Police will not confirm any suspect information at this time.

Still developing.

Sources are reporting a stabbing victim in Rockford.

Reports of a stabbing victim on the South end of Fairgrounds Park.
That is located just feet from the Rockford Police District 1 station.

The victim is bleeding heavily and is not breathing.

A Hispanic male was seen fleeing the park area, unknown if it is the suspect.

Still developing.