Rockford Scanner™: Vehicle Crashes Into A Drainage Ditch

UPDATE FROM RFD: Rockford Fire is on scene of a single vehicle crash at 3100 Auburn Street. One vehicle crashed at the bridge and ended up in Kent Creek. The occupant sustained minor, non life threatening injuries.

Just before 3 pm today several emergency personnel were on scene of a bad accident on the west side. 

It happened near the 3100 block of Auburn st.

A vehicle has crashed into the drainage ditch.

Injuries were being reported.

Admin Will is en route to work the scene, so hopefully we will have an update shortly.


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fans Rescue Baby Ducks From The Drain in Machesney Park




RS fan Crystal sent us the following video and information. 

Her husband and her rescued some baby ducks from the drainage ditch near the Target on 173 yesterday. After rescuing the baby ducks, the Winnebago County Sheriff office arrived on scene and transported the baby ducks to their mother. 

She sent us the following: “My husband and I crawled down in the sewer at the Target on 173 in Machesney Park and rescued baby ducks! We saw a duck frantically running around and we got out and heard the little chirps down in the sewer! My girls were so proud of us! Some of the shoppers thought we were committing a crime and next thing we knew the Winnebago Sheriffs were watching us as we climbed out of the sewer. We explained and showed them the ducks we put in a box that we rescued. The Sheriffs helped us locate the Mama duck and reunite the little adorable duck family!”