Rockford Scanner™: Unknown Scene in Downtown Rockford

Sources are reporting an unknown scene in downtown Rockford.

Police are with a vehicle that appears to have crashed near Jefferson and Main.  The vehicle appears to have possibly crashed into the pole.  The vehicle is sideways, next to the pole.  Police are on scene, and no citizens are on scene, so it is unknown where the driver is.

Unknown if it is related:   On the 3rd floor of the parking garage, that is approx. 50 feet North from the vehicle scene. A male in his 50’s has a hip injury.  If it is related to the vehicle scene, it is unclear how the person made it to the 3rd floor of the parking deck.  The victim in this incident was transported to a local ER.


Rockford Scanner™: Man Bleeding From Face, Possible Robbery Victim


Sources are reporting a scene near the Coronado Theater. 

A man was bleeding from the face in front of the box office at the Coronado Theater just after midnight.

It is unclear on how it happened.

We have been told that the victim was robbed and severely beaten. And the suspects fled the scene and are still on the loose in the streets of Rockford.

But RPD has yet to confirm this or release any information on this incident.