Rockford Scanner™: Video: Automobile accident on Rockford’s Eastside

RS source Dee is reporting an automobile accident in Rockford around 11:30 AM.

It happened in the area of Charles Street and 31st.

reports of an automobile accident near this intersection. Sounds like one vehicle T-boned the other vehicle.

Unknown nine injuries at this time. The cause of the accident is under investigation.


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford fire department battling another apartment complex fire


Just after 3:30 PM the Rockford fire department were responding to a possible apartment fire.

There is reports of one of the apartments inside the apartment complex on fire, near the Orchard Hills Apartments near  Charles Street.

Smoke is visible at the scene. Several units from the Rockford fire department are in route. This is still developing

They are laying a booster line to battle the fire, there is a confirmed fire. But was quickly under control. Still developing.