Rockford Scanner™: 2 Different Auto Accidents Near Local Schools

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Sources are reporting 2 different accidents, by 2 different local High Schools this morning.

The first was a multiple vehicle accident on N Main near Boylan High School. Possibly up to 5 vehicles were reported to be involved in this accident.

The other accident scene happened by Lincoln Middle School at Charles st and 11th st.  Reports of up to 3 OR 4 vehicles are involved in this accident scene.

We have been told injuries are reported at both accident scenes. We can not confirm the severity of the injuries at this time.

The cause of these accidents, are under investigation.

Photos by Rockford Scanner Sources.
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Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Rockford



RS Fan  sent us the following:
“There were 2 teenage Boylan girls that were involved in a head on collision this morning around 7:45am. The driver of the other vehicle had to have been doing every bit of 50 or more in a construction zone. The light at Huffman and Riverside was turning yellow and the girls proceeded to turn when the other lady hit them, spun their car around, jumped the curb and hit the traffic light pole. Injured victims were transported to a nearby hospital”