Rockford Scanner™: Man Holds Police At Bay in Rockford, While Standing On Garage Roof

Just before 9 pm tonight several officers were working a scene on the West side. 

It happened on Central, just North of School st.

Initial reports are saying there is a suicidal subject with a hand injury near this location.

The man climbed up on top of his garage and was screaming at the police. He was saying he just wanted to be left alone. The man had experienced a tragedy recently. He told the police to get off his property.  And was screaming other things at the police as well.
(Some we can not put in the article, we will just say he wasn’t happy with the police being there)

Several officers had the garage surrounded.

Around 11:30 pm, the scene was clear.
Unknown how the man came down.

Note: This call was not logged into the the RPD call log.


Rockford Scanner™: Duplex On Fire in Rockford, Family Possibly Still inside

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Around 3 am this morning several units from the Rockford Fire Department were dispatched for a duplex that was possibly on fire at an address in the 1400 block of Blaisdell st in Rockford.

A young teen was saying there is a fire in the upper half of the duplex.

Her family is on the first floor.  People are still inside on the 2nd floor.

Fire and smoke are showing from the Bravo side of the structure.

At the time of writing this,  the family in the upstairs was reported to still be inside.

Still developing.

UPDATE: RFD said at 3:10 am, they believe the structure is clear of life. Unknown on injuries.

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Rockford Scanner™: Several Shooting Incidents in Rockford Tonight

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Sources are reporting a shooting incident on the East side.

Sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel in the area of Hanson and Pershing around 7 pm. Neighbors are reporting they heard several gunshots just prior to the emergency personnel arriving on scene.

It is not clear yet, if there is a shooting victim. RPD confirmed an “In Progress Person” call at this location around this time.  In the past, RPD has labeled shooting victim calls as this.

RPD also confirmed 2 other shooting incidents (weapons violations)  in Rockford tonight.

  • 2200 block of 16th ave
  • 1500 block of Blaisdell

No suspect in any of these incidents.


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