Rockford Scanner™: Police Tasered A Suspect While Fleeing & Fighting With The Officer

Police were working a scene near Howard, on Rockford west side.  Two suspects attempted to run from police according to witnesses.

An officer told the suspect to not run from him or he was going to use his tazer. The suspects failed to comply to the officers orders and the officer did what he told the suspect he was going to do if he ran. The officer tazed the suspect. The suspect was also fighting with the police officer.

Two people were reported to be in custody. 


Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Keeping The Streets Safe, Crowd Control For A Large Party

Last night someone tossed a big party near Webster and Berkeley on Rockford’s west side.  Many people attended the party.

Many neighbors called the Rockford Police to report the loud and disorderly party several times throughout the night.

(Note: There was way more vehicles on scene, before the camera was turned on and setup. The video shows things as it was calmer)

Around 2:30 am, several officers from the Rockford Police department were on scene keeping the streets safe and helping control the crowd and traffic as the party dispersed.

We have not heard any reports of injuries or arrests.