Rockford Scanner™: Mountain Lion Sighting In The Area


Sources are reporting a possible cougar (Mountain Lion) sighting in the area. 

We have gotten several reports saying 97 ZOK posted about a cougar that was spotted near Beaver Valley and Squaw Prairie.

They had a photo on their site, but it has since been removed.

You can read about it at 

Side note:  There have been unconfirmed of reports of a mountain lion at Rock Cut for awhile now.  The most recent was about 2 weeks ago on the East side of the park. A man was walking along a trail on the East side of the park and he came across it. The man said the mountain lion came out of the brush and onto the trail he was on.  He said that it posed no harm to him. The man and the mountain lion were both startled and the mountain lion took off in one direction while he fled in the other direction.



Rockford Scanner™: Serious Rollover Accident Involving A Jeep & A Motorcycle, Extrication Is Needed. Still Developing




 Around 12:45 pm today several emergency personnel were responding to a serious accident in Boone County. 

It happened on Business route 20 near Beaver Valley. 

A motorcycle and a jeep compass were involved in the accident. 

The jeep has rolled over, at least two people are trapped inside and need to be cut out of the vehicle. 

At least 2 injuries were reported.  The jeep is on its side in or near the nearby wooded area. 

Unknown on the motorcyclist condition at this time. 

Still developing, check back later for possible updates.