Sources Are Reporting A Person May Have Attempted To Rape A Child At A Local Park, And Citizens Beat The Alleged Suspect Up

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 We sat on this story, hoping that police would confirm this or release information on it. But they have not. We want to thank our sources for sending the photos to prove the scene exists, and also providing the information. Thank you.  

Update from a RS source: 19 year old touched 2 10 year olds talking sexually to them they called there older sister and she pulled up and maced him till the uncle and other family members arrived. Police arrived and gathered all the information they could’ve possibly needed then said they have to wait for states attorney to answer. And let him go 🤦🏼‍♀️

What we can confirm: 

  • Numerous reports are saying a man raped or attempted to rape a small child at a local park. 
  • Sources said a man either raped, or attempted to rape the small child. 
  • Several emergency personnel from Rockford PD and FD were on scene. 
  • Sources said that there were some adults that chased the alleged suspect and beat the alleged suspect up. 
  • That was reported to be in the area of 11th st and Brooke. 
  • Call logs do show the RPD were investigating several calls for a battery.
    Note: The park district never releases any information, so do not expect any information to be released, or updated. 

Again, we can only provide the information that has been provided to us. 



All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. We can only provide information that IS provided to us.  As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent. Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors.  Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.  You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook



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