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We first want to thank everyone who sends us photos and videos!

Email us your photos/videos to us at  or at

Is it legal to video the police and scenes?  YES! 
Full Details from the ACLU at

What to send us:   Fires, Accidents, Shootings, Robberies, Weather, Anything news related!

Name credited or anonymous?  We like to give credit where it is due. If you prefer to stay anonymous, please let us know when you send us your content

Examples of things to photograph:  Main subject (Fire, accident, robberies, shootings, etc…), Emergency personnel, Damages, Skid marks, Nearby surroundings, Street signs, Etc….   You want to capture the main subject and also what is going on at the scene.

By submitting your content to us, you give Rockford Scanner full permission to use your content. You agree that the content is yours and you give us full permission to use the content.

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