Rockford Scanner™: Woman Talks About Her Experience Living In A Haunted House in Freeport

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I have a story to tell about living in a haunted house. The house is in Freeport Illinois on Chicago Ave.
My stepdad owned the house years before we moved in to live there. My mom, brother and myself moved in. It’s going back about 22 years ago, I was in junior high school so about the ages of 11-13 I lived there.
Here are a few of the things I experienced while living there, bare in mind I was a kid and had no idea about ghosts and hauntings.
We had a wooden post at the end of our stairs and our cat at the time would sit there staring at a blank wall looking back and forth, I would go towards the wall there were no bugs or anything so definitely weird and the cat would do this daily. My alarm clock went off in the middle of the night. I also had Disney porcelain figurines on top of my tv that would be in different positions every morning I would wake up.
There was another time I was standing partly in the bathroom sticking my head out the door talking to my mom about a mirror and the mirror in the bathroom fell off the wall, my stepdad said that in all the years he lived there it’s never fallen off. I always would feel a little cold in my room and like someone was watching me it was so weird. Apparently there was another occasion I spent the night at my friends house and my mom swore she heard something saying my name over and over again.
My mom did say she told whatever it was to leave me alone. I was the only one these things would happen too. Come to find out when my stepsister was a kid living in that house things would happen to her and I had no idea until we moved out of that house that she experienced things too. I’m definitely not making things up as a kid.
I believe when we lived there the house was 100 years old or so, by now it’s definitely very old lol. The house is still there and I think people live there. I know a couple years ago it was for sale. I’m sure my stepsister would tell her story too. If I can think of any other details I will definitely send more info. I’ve told family and friends about these stories so I’m ok with it being public, so is my family. If I had a chance to go back to that house I would now that I’m older lol. Thanks for listening
Note: She emailed us back and added: one day I was standing in the living room looking towards the stairs that go upstairs, I swore I saw something or someone coming down them fast but not running wearing a white top and white bottoms believed to be a man as I look at the bottom of the stairs my dog was laying there quickly got up and ran away. Definitely super creepy my stepdad also said he used to get mail from someone that was in the navy so maybe some connection there but not sure. The second story I forgot to mention was one night before bed I went to take a bath and put the lid on the toilet seat down and placed my clean clothes on top after a little while I looked over and my clothes were inside out and messy. I was pretty sure I would not have put them like that but I got out of the tub quickly after that. definitely super creepy to see as a kid!




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