Rockford Scanner™: Woman Has A UFO Experience Near Stillman Valley

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Below is a story that was sent to us. Kick back and relax and enjoy.

Hello. I had a paranormal experience in Ogle county in 1999 that I reported to MUFON and NUFOC in 2012.
At that time, I was a production assistant at the Rock River Times newspaper in downtown Rockford, and lived in Stillman Valley. Tuesdays were always late nights in the office as Weds was publication day, so it was common to stay in the office finishing layout until 2 or 3 in the morning (this was before digital layout, we did article waxing to layout preforms).
It was a tues nite/weds morning in late November when i was driving home on Kishwaukee Rd/Stillman Rd when I saw them (stone cold sober, as id just left work).
As I came up over the last hill to the valley on Stillman Rd, I saw about 30-40 large basketball sized lights in the SE corner of the cornfield at Stillman Rd and Cardinal Lane.
As I came closer, I pulled my car off to the side of the road to watch them and try to figure out what the hell was going on. It was about 3am.
I got out and kept looking up and down the road for someone else to drive by, if anything just to verify what I was seeing.
I watched the balls of light flying around in all directions, never more than 10′ off the ground, grouped together and looking like they were communicating with each other. They would fly up to each other then back to other ones, up, down, diagonally, and hovering. I was able to observe them for a good 10 mins while hoping for other cars to come by, from rt across the street.
I did not hear anything, no sounds. I wish I wouldn’t have been too afraid to climb out into the field and get into their midst, but I was. As it was they didnt seem to notice me or care, but I didn’t want to do too much to be noticeable either.
After that 10 mins of watching them, the group of flying balls of light all started to break up and fly off in their own directions, 2 or 3 of them together, and not up, but out over the land.
At this point i got back in my car and tried to follow one of the balls of light, which i was able to successfully do, turned left (east) onto hwy 72 but lost it in the trees where the highway crosses the creek just past what used to be the East End Tap (now Theos Thirsty Cow).
It was very late so I went home and went to bed. The mind grasps for threads of reality when faced with impossibility, so in the morning i visited my grandpa and told him what id seen, and asked if he knew of a local group that would be flying their remote control helicopters in the middle of the night in the corner of the cornfield.
He laughed and i realized how absurd that would be…but its still all i can think of that those things would’ve been..other than extra terrestrial.
I reported it to MUFON and NUFOC as soon as i realized organizations like that existed. The report was made under my maiden name. When I spoke with the gentleman from MUFON, I asked him if he was aware of any similar reports in my area. He said he was not sure but would look into it and get back to me. And he did.
There have been more than 80 similar reports in a 100 mi radius from me since 1975, that he could find. I found that astounding.
So thats my story. I found out many years later that those floating balls of light are commonly referred to as foo fighters, and to this day I think I am one of the ones that has been able to observe them for as long as I did and also so close to the ground.
Thanks! A. H.




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