Rockford Scanner™: Who is at risk for workplace violence?


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Who is at risk for workplace violence?

With the rising tide of violence through out the world, more and more people demanding for “convenience ” as ‘rights’ are taking to the streets to inflict pain on others who do not see their point of view. And often, very often on a daily basis many of those who work in service, to the people are at the highest risk. We have a list of the top 5 professions that carry the highest risk, and what the individual can do to focus on prevention, deterring, and defense.

-security guards and the police services;

-nurses and other health professionals;


-public transport workers;

-catering and hotel workers

With security and police working face to face with individuals, enforcing policy or law more individuals have taken more physical aggression to hurt security and law enforcement officers when breaking laws. Police go through more training than security when enforcing law, security is now being targeted as well . Security officers do have a very different form of training but enforce policy their clients want.

Some form of training security receive are use of force, verbal judo, gun training, deescalation and other in house training focused on deterring. While security is limited, they can detain an individual if a felony is broken or if a physical threat is imminent. But must contact police, and turn the individual over to the police.

Nurses work very closely with sick or injured individuals on a daily basis. With medicine reactions, inmates, or people with post traumatic stress disorder, nurses are often subjected to physical, emotional and mental attacks. While many nurses dont receive enough training on personal defense, they risk physical injuries.

Caseworkers often work in nursing homes or at the individuals homes, they are almost never educated in personal defense. The turn over rate due to injury is at an all time high.

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