Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue, possible Body In The River

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UPDATE: They have located 1 individual approx. 5300 feet south of the dam. In approx.16 feet of water. They deployed a diver to retrieve the body, but the water conditions were poor.So they decided to drag the river to retrieve the body and the body moved. So they have to relocate the body.  They have found a few places of interest. They are out today again searching. The river conditions are poor. They are thinking   about halting the operations until the river conditions improve.


On Thursday 11/21/19 the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon Fire Protection District continued searching for the missing individuals from a boating accident which occurred on Wednesday 11/20/19. Providing assistance during this operational period was Byron Fire boat team and divers, Rochelle Fire boat team and divers, Dixon City Fire boat team, MABAS Division 8 boat team (Boone Co, Rockford Fire), MABAS Division 2 boat team ( Elgin Fire, Gurnee Fire), Mt. Morris Fire, Dixon Rural Fire , Stillman Fire, Christian Ministries Search and Rescue. Addison also services were provided by Ogle, Lee and Bureau County Emergency Management Agencies. Operations were suspended at approximately 1800 hours. We would also like to thank the Salvation Army for providing meals. River conditions will be evaluated on Friday morning to determine future operations.

Officials have just released information saying they have been out since 7:30 am. They are searching for 2 people. They have found 2 areas of interest where the bodies may have been located and are going to be doing the recovery of the possible bodies later on tonight. They are concerned about the river conditions.


Sources are reporting a scene in Ogle County. 

Details are minimal right now.

Several fire departments are responding to the Rock River in Oregon.

Near the dam area.

Reports of a water rescue near this location.

A boat is upside down. And they are searching the river for the victims.

The vehicle and trailer of the registered owner of the boat was found nearby.

6 emergency boats are on the river searching.

Ogle County Police have only warned the people to stay away from the area, due to many emergency personnel coming to the scene.

Still developing.


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